Useful books

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Partners’ relevant publications prior to IMPACT


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IMPACT’S Publications

  1. Ramón González-Méndez, Peter Watts, David Olivenza-León, D. Fraser Reich, Stephen J. Mullock,
    Clive A. Corlett, Stuart Cairns, Peter Hickey, Matthew Brookes, and Chris A. Mayhew.
    “ Enhancement of compound selectivity using a radio frequency ion-funnel proton transfer reaction mass spectrometer: improved specificity for explosive compounds” Analytical Chemistry 88 (2016) 10624-10630.

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Conferences and meetings


First International Conference on Soft Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometry and Applications to Trace Gas Analysis, Dornbirn, Austria 18th-20th September 2017

Outside of the Network


Spectrometry for Security Applications – one-day RSC and IoP workshop 17th December 2015, Physics, University of Birmingham


XXth Symposium on Atomic, Cluster and Surface Physics Sunstar Parkhotel Davos, CH-7270 Davos Platz, Switzerland
7th to 12th February

7th International PTR-MS Conference. University Centre Obergurgl, Tirol, Austria
14th to 19th February

International Society of Ion Mobility Spectrometry Conference, Boston, USA
24th to 28th July 2016

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